Cremation Urns by KeyRidge

Cremation is a viable choice to burial for many families and individuals. We specialize in manufacturing hardwood cremation urns. Our funeral urns, in cherry, birch and oak hardwoods, feature an attractive and elegant design.  

Each urn mirrors detailed craftsmanship: from the  hand selected hardwoods to the natural beauty of the grainís final finish. Combined with affordable value pricing, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service, we take the stress out of choosing an urn. 

Cremation Urn - Cherry Birch


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Pricing:     $163.00 - $183.00 

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Phone:     Toll free 1-877-968-1902     Fax:  1-709-368-1906


Mailing Address:  KeyRidge Industries, 22 Olympic Dr., Mt. Pearl, NL  Canada    A1N 4K3

We accept Visa/MC, check or money order.


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